Bird's Eye

Bird's Eye

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Real Secret to the Mysteries of Life and Nature

Intention is forgiveness and love.

Chaos Theory is acceptance and surrender.
Ants we are to our poisoners.
Resist-ant, protest-ant, ant-i...think about some more ways to show this Ants.
We have a very old language, that grew from a very basic form.
See-man-ticks = semantics
right brain = creative side and analytical = brain left
 Ants; we are seen as by this old and aloof ruling class who for milleniums through seperation from hard work and exposure to the real reality, have created this systematic snobbery.
Jesus was right...Never warm choose hot or cold, but must choose.
Life or death...everlasting in both cases.

This micro/macro or smallest/biggest is a fractal world we live in and is directed by will; choose.
Cold ground or Hot sun...
Heart or mind...

Forgive and love or accept and surrender...
Divide and conqueor or unite and thrive...
From our roots all is one through our genes expression and expanse of the universe - again we are all one.
God is in everything.
This is the tree of life.
A little nothing is god, who is a nothing who had an idea and it grew to become what we see.
Each branch has a branch, that has a branch, that has a branch.
Add the roots with all the roots branching.
And it all started with a seed.
Seeds are sacred expressions of Life. No matter how they become fertile.

And now you know my "Theology and Geometry"... Those words were taken from John Kennedy o'Toole in the book "A Confederacy of Dunces"

Forever and infinite eternity.
A circle never branches- open up - A knock is at the door.

How does this work in Life?

How to energize your golden ray...

In the midst of an anxiety attack 15 years ago, while minding my own business pulling weeds; so my landlord wouldn't spray pesticide, I went inside laying down thinking about years of stress, "my adrenals must be the size of a grapefruit to bring on strong flight or fight symptoms like this."

I love yellow roses, and meditated the flower into my heart chakra telling the adrenals to send their hormone to my heart and visulized it.

My heart ...stopped~boom-suddenly; hanging up for quite a few seconds. Seemed to recalibrate (like thinking) with a loud beat that went in a circle to each chamber very slowly one beat at a time; under 2 seconds per beat. Slowly each beat by-beat going around to each single chamber increasing the pace and speeding up.

Then, faster and faster; then even faster felt and sound like a hummingbird's wings, so fast each chamber blended to became as one. Spinning now, like a top, a yellow whirling disk moved from the left side of my chest to the center. Lifting out from my body a beam of yellow light shot out 6" in diameter to the ceiling. I lost conciousness.

Never had an anxiety attack ever again, and even fear is rarely felt anymore...
How does this work in Nature?

A Rainbow Portal Reality
Maui, HI.
Dreamed very clearly of a full moon with a palm tree waving; decided to go out on the next full moon. So happened a friend wanted me to show him a spot known as the Maidenhead of Maui. Positioned at 6000' the area juts so far out one see's far around the sides of the island mountain. During WW!! soilders used it as a look-out for any who approach Maui by sea.

Hurricane weather approaching and unstable we arrived to find a fog just 1...2" elevation above us. The Full Moon, coming to Apex, was visable through the light foggy mist reflecting every color of the rainbow in the uneven layers of fluffy fog. We were amazed how beautiful looking up at the colors, the valley to our left, and the lights of the cities below.

There was a sound from the pines in the valley on the left of wind rushing through their branches. Then the sound of the leaves in the Eucalyptus trees nearby on our right a few seconds later as wind blew through. We never felt the wind yet, and were in between the 2 areas. The clouds started to fall from above to our feet as the 2 winds met where we stood- the clouds were spinning.

Startled for a blank second, I looked down at the ground to see, as the clouds spun around me. Seeing a 10' circumfrence circle of rainbows stacked one upon another. As my eyes followed the perfect rainbow circles up the size became less wide until spying the top where there was a pin point opening, and The Full Moon in Apex. A beam of whitish light whipped out and hit my forehead hard, blinding me.

"I am NOT Worthy!" ...came from my mouth...falling to the ground face in the grass...palms covering the sides, so my eyes could not see...peeking out the event was totally over in less then a minute. No fog, no wind and no words to say to my friend.

We are all worthy. To face that one fact will change everything. ♥ .
A nothing had a thought that became a truth...
Choose Spirit or Slave.

Good is really god...

Share, care, forgive and never forget this applys only to yourself for the present now. Let the branches form themselves...
never worry; get busy, ant friends.
Worship yourself cause you are worthy.
You are sacred.
We all know the truth of right and wrong.
Repent realize reality...foolish us allowing Monsanto.
Not too late for life and nature...
Our seeds are sacred, so do not mess with them...

Jesus!!! No, just Kimberly Usher an ant and friend.
If you like these words, better copy and paste now, because I might come back and change some words through editing or pruning. Some may be lost forever or just made better - in our universe of thought. the game they play by. We can do better, and will.

Bye-Bye bad guys...welcome to All.

Another Rainbow - Baba B (Lyrics)

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