Bird's Eye

Bird's Eye

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just so you know

Harry Reed came in at the close of the Senate and when no one was there to object passed the Food "Safety" Bill. Dissapointed yes but not giving up...People know now more then ever what is going on with the Corporate take over of our food and seed. Organic and natural living is on the outs they think. But we will overcome by turning the wording around and attacking back. Using this new law "reason to believe" they have given our regulators the right to use in these new laws that they have bought and paid for to justify their means to an end will be used to justify our means to the end of their goals and deceptive businesses and sciences.
We will be the winner by firing all regulators who are not in the fold of protecting our planet and the life that exisits here.

1/23/13   soon my friends...soon we will fix all this...

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